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Hangzhi CIT High Precision Split Core current transducer

The CIT high precision split core current transducer is developed by Hangzhi based on the fluxgate technology and can realize the isolated measurement of DC current and AC current.

what is split core fluxgate current transducer?

CIT sensor, A split-core fluxgate current transducer, is specialised sensor used to measure the current flowing through a conductor in electrical engineering and power monitoring applications. It uses fluxgate technology principles to precisely measure and convert electrical current into a quantifiable output signal, making it a crucial component in a variety of industries and systems.

The “split-core” feature of CIT split core current transducer relates to its design, which allows the device’s core to be divided or opened, allowing it to be clamped around a live wire without having to disconnect the circuit. This design element offers comfort and ease of installation, making it appropriate for retrofitting into current systems as well as adding into new settings.

The operation of a split-core fluxgate current transducer is based on the manipulation of magnetic fields. The transducer’s core is comprised of a high magnetic permeability material and is coiled with exciting coils that generate an alternating magnetic field. This oscillating magnetic field causes changes in the magnetisation of the core, resulting in a variable magnetic flux within the core.

Sensing coils placed around the core detect changes in magnetic flux and create an output signal. This output signal is then processed and amplified to accurately depict the current flowing through the conductor.

The non-intrusive installation of a CIT split-core fluxgate current transducer is one of its key advantages. There is no need to disrupt the circuit by simply clamping the device around the conductor, making it a feasible alternative for monitoring existing systems without generating downtime.

These transducers are used in a variety of applications, including power distribution, energy management, industrial automation, and others. They are critical in allowing for efficient energy use, monitoring electrical systems, and guaranteeing safe and reliable operation.

Product Catalog

Product modelPrimary rated DC currentPrimary rated AC RMSPrimary overload currentSupply voltageRatio (primary: secondary)Rated output currentAccuracyLinearityBandwidth (Hz)Aperture (mm)Datasheet
CIT100±100A70A±120A±15V1000:1100mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog
CIT200±200A140A±240A±15V1000:1200mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog
CIT400±400A282A±480A±15V1000:1400mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog
CIT600±600A424A±720A±15V1000:1600mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog
CIT1000±1000A707A±1200A±15V1000:11000mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog
CIT1500±1500A1060A±1650A±15V1000:11500mA0.05%0.02%350k40CIT Current Transducer Catalog

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