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Hangzhi PIU DC Current Meter Improved The Testing Procedure For Lithium Battery Charging and Discharging Test Equipment

About PIU DC Current Tester

Hangzhi’s high-precision PIU DC current tester is a brand-new software and hardware design, which can simultaneously measure parameters such as DC voltage, current, and active power, with an accuracy of 0.01%. The tester is widely used in DC measurement in metrology research institutes, electric power, metrology, military industry, manufacturing, scientific research and other fields. Government inspection agencies and other metrology fields can also use the tester to calibrate DC voltmeters, ammeters, and power meters.

Pain points of traditional lithium battery charging and discharging equipment testing

Lithium-ion battery and battery pack charge and discharge test equipment is the core equipment for testing the charge and discharge performance, battery capacity, and battery charge and discharge safety of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, whether the measurement characteristics of charge and discharge test equipment are accurate or not plays an important role in the inspection of battery safety performance Crucial role.
The traditional battery charging and discharging equipment calibration is a combination of shunt and multimeter, which has many problems, such as:
1) Unable to meet the accuracy requirements of measurement and calibration
Level shunt>0.1 level charge and discharge test equipment
2) cumbersome to use
An external multimeter is required to measure the voltage, and it needs to be converted into current, which is cumbersome to use
3) Connection error
The artificial contact resistance of the terminal affects the measurement accuracy
4) Temperature error
Drift error and thermal emf error over time, measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed
5) Low efficiency
Generally, a charging and discharging device needs to be calibrated charging: current, voltage, discharging: current, voltage, at least 20 detection points, one device takes at least one and a half hours, and one worker can inspect 5 devices, which is low in efficiency and high in cost. .

Hangzhi Solutions for testing battery pack charge and discharge test equipment

We use Hangzhi 0.01 high-precision DC tester to solve these problems. This tester has the following advantages:

1. High precision: The accuracy reaches 0.01%, which can meet the measurement and calibration requirements of all charge and discharge test equipment.
2. Easy to use: just pass the test cable through the round hole of the instrument, which is easy to use.
3. No man-made operation error: There is no requirement for the position of the test cable in the round hole, and the position of the test cable will not affect the test accuracy.
4. It can be used for a long time: the temperature drift is only 1ppm, which has no effect on the test accuracy.
5. High efficiency: Each device only needs to be detected for 10 minutes, which is 9 times higher than the traditional method, which can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.
Hangzhi’s high-precision DC tester has a variety of models to choose from, including PIU600, PIU1000, PIU1500, PIU2000, PIU5000 and PIU10000. These models are suitable for the calibration of battery charging and discharging equipment of different specifications.


PIU product parameter characteristics

1. Measure DC voltage, current and active power. 
2. Equipped with RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces, it can directly communicate with PC on-line. 
3. Voltage and current multi-range automatic switching, can measure up to 110% of the limit. 
4. Equipped with 5.6-inch LCD.
5. With product program online upgrade function.

PIU series high-precision DC tester parameters
1. Voltage measurement range: ±(0.1V~1000V), maximum allowable error: ±0.01%RD;
2. Current measurement range: 10mA~2000A, maximum allowable error: ±0.01%RD.

About Hangzhi

Shenzhen Hangzhi Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production, sales and solution customization of high-precision current sensors, voltage sensors, and high-precision electrical measuring instruments. We strive to build a well-known brand of precision current sensors and precision electrical measuring instruments in the DC field, and strive to develop into an international leading company in precision electronics in the field of DC systems.

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