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Electrical Meters Calibrations

As a standard quality requirements of the electrical industry, all meters and tester need to be calibrated on a regular basis to make sure they are meeting the accuracy requirements. 

The traditional DC current calibration method is to measure the voltage generated by the current passing through the current shunt to measure the DC current indirectly, however this method has challenges like high cost of current shunt, temperature drift and not easy to operate etc.  

In Hangzhi’s current measurement portfolio, there are 3 products can be applied for the calibration purpose with low cost, low temperature drift and easier operation. 

AIT high precision current transducers: with up to 1ppm accuracy

HIU & PSM testers: with 0.02% accuracy and versatile measurement functions, like current, voltage, frequency, active power, phase ange, ripple test, and harmonics etc. 

Please click and check the details via the links below: 

AIT1000-SG high precision current sensor

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HIU AC / DC High Precision Current Tester

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PSM Portable AC/DC Standard Tester
PSM Electrical Standard Tester

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