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Integrated high-precision high-current sensor

New integrated 2000A/3000A high-precision high-current sensor, officially released

As a provider of power measurement solutions, Hangzhi has always been committed to providing innovative, high-quality power measurement technologies and products to various industries. In order to meet the needs of different application scenarios in the market and provide a more excellent product experience, Hangzhi continues to deepen its own capabilities and continues to iteratively upgrade its products. Based on our continuous R&D work and technological progress, we are very happy to announce that the new integrated 2000A/3000A high-precision current sensor is officially launched.

1.New product advantages

Advantage 1: Integrated design, small size, flexible installation

This high-precision current sensor adopts an integrated design, with the measurement probe and control circuit integrated into a whole. This compact design reduces the volume of the product compared to the split design solution, simplifies the installation process, and can better meet application scenarios with high space volume requirements. The sensor adopts a disk-type installation method, and users can choose flat installation or direct installation, providing more flexible installation options for different occasions. The AIT2000-SG integrated sensor is powered by a bipolar +15VDC power supply, and the AIT3000-SG integrated sensor is powered by a bipolar +24VDC power supply. Hangzhi can provide customers with a dedicated control power supply to make its application more convenient.

Advantage 2: Fluxgate technology, 0.005% accuracy

The new integrated 2000A/3000A high-precision high-current sensors launched this time adopt the fluxgate technology that Hangzhi has been cultivating for many years to achieve zero-flux closed-loop control of excitation flux, DC flux, and AC flux, and pass Constructing a high-frequency ripple sensing channel enables detection of high-frequency ripples, allowing the sensor to have high gain and measurement accuracy within the full bandwidth range. The sensor implements non-accessible isolation measurement of DC/AC and pulse currents rated at 2000A and 3000A with an accuracy of 0.005%. The excellent accuracy and stability make it applicable to fields with high-precision current measurement requirements, including photovoltaic energy storage, industrial test equipment, medical equipment (such as MRI, proton therapy, etc.), precision motor controllers and measurement, etc.

AIT2000-SG Integrated high-precision high-current sensor

2.New product features

❖ High precision:Linearity 0.002%, absolute accuracy 0.005%.

❖High reliability: Low temperature tickets, low zero drift; 

High and low temperature resistance, working temperature range -40~85℃;

Current type output, strong anti-interference ability.

❖high bandwidth:Bandwidth > 100kHz (3dB).

❖Customizable:Parameters can be customized according to customer requirements,

and voltage output products can be provided.

❖Have independent intellectual property rights:AIT series products are independently developed by Hangzhi,

and have applied for one invention patent and multiple utility model patents.

3.New product application scenarios

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of industry, the market demand for power measurement continues to grow, and technology is also constantly evolving. As a member of the power measurement industry, Hangzhi insists on being guided by market demand and driven by technological innovation. Develop new products and improve product performance to meet the evolving needs of the power measurement market and provide customers with excellent power measurement products and solutions.

Hangzhi’s new all-in-one 2000A/3000A high-precision current sensor not only provides excellent performance in terms of accuracy and reliability, but also provides customers with more convenient installation and integration options. If you are interested in learning more about Hangzhi’s all-in-one 2000A/3000A high-precision current sensor, or need a customized power measurement solution for your specific needs, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will be happy to provide you with support and consultation.