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Hangzhi’s paper “Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge” was selected into the International Electronic Technology Conference ICET

2023 The 6th International Conference on Electron Technology (ICET) will be successfully held in Chengdu, China on May 12-15, 2023. Shenzhen Hangzhi Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.’s paper “Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge” (“Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge”) was honored to be selected into the conference paper library. All papers from universities, research institutions and industries are strictly screened, checked for plagiarism, and reviewed by members of ICET’s scientific committee and international reviewers before being selected into the collection. All papers published by ICET enter IEEE Xplore and are indexed by Ei Compendex.

Attached full paper address:《Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge》

“Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge” takes the H-bridge-based fluxgate current sensor technology as the core, aiming at the detection accuracy of electric vehicle BMS current sensor is not high enough to accurately measure large current and small current at the same time and sensor power supply and The single power supply mismatch technical problem of BMS provides a design scheme of a fluxgate current sensor with a single excitation core. Using H-bridge circuit to drive the excitation coil realizes single power supply and simplifies the design of sensor power supply; in addition, the excitation detection circuit with double measuring resistors is constructed to convert the excitation current ie flowing through the excitation coil into equivalently ie1 and ie2 the difference between the two currents, and calculate the average value of the excitation current through the difference equivalent current ie1-ie2 to eliminate the zero drift of the current sensor, thereby improving the small current recognition and measurement accuracy of the current sensor. Compared with traditional schemes, this design method is advanced and suitable for current monitoring needs in electric vehicle BMS.

ICET conference is a grand event in the field of electronic technology, attracting the attention of professional scholars, engineers and business representatives from all over the world. It provides a unique platform for knowledge exchange, innovation and collaboration within the industry. As a power measurement solution provider, Hangzhi has always been committed to meeting the needs of customers with innovative technology, intelligent products and high-quality services, and providing customers with high-precision current sensors, electrical measuring instruments and electrical measuring solutions. The fact that Hangzhi’s paper “Fluxgate Current Sensor Based on H-Bridge” was selected into ICET is a recognition of our continuous innovation and excellent research in the field of power measurement electronics. While being proud, we will continue to strive to provide customers with more efficient, advanced and reliable power measurement solutions. We believe that through continuous innovative research and hard development, we can bring more breakthroughs and progress to the electronic technology industry to promote the rapid development of electronic technology.

About ICET:

ICET2023 is sponsored by Sichuan Institute of Electronics, technical support is provided by IEEE Chengdu Section, Chengdu Section SSC/CAS Joint Chapter, Chengdu Section AP/EMC Chapter, Chengdu Section SP Chapter. At the same time, it received strong support from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Xi’an University of Technology, and the Singapore Institute of Electronics. More than 300 experts and scholars in the field of electronic technology were gathered to discuss and exchange the latest electronic technology development. trends and future directions. The ICET conference aims to provide an international platform for information exchange for senior researchers and young researchers in the academic research community and the electronics industry.

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Shenzhen Hangzhi Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and solution customization of high-precision current sensors, voltage sensors, and high-precision electrical measuring instruments. We strive to build a well-known brand of precision current sensors and precision electrical measuring instruments in the DC field, and strive to develop into an international leading company in precision electronics in the field of DC systems. The high-precision DC sensor we developed is a current measurement and control component based on fluxgate technology, which can precisely transform the large DC current passing through the sensor into a small current that is easy to measure. It is a current measurement component that is two orders of magnitude higher than the limit measurement accuracy of the Hall current sensor.

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