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about us

Hangzhi is one of the high precision current transducer manufacturers located in ShenZhen, China, innovatively developed and designed high precision AC/DC current transducers & standard testers with the combination of technologies including multi point zero-flux, flux excitation close-loop control, self-excited fluxgate technology and multi-close loop control. The current transducers can detect both DC flux, AC flux, and high-frequency ripple with a built-in high-frequency ripple sensing channel, which allow the transducers have both high gains and accuracy at the full bandwidth.


Hangzhi design and manufacture wide range of current transducers and testers for the DC and AC current, voltage and power measurement to meet the requirements in different industries, such as medical, railway, renewable energy, EV/HEV charging stand and calibration & testing etc.

Founder, DR. Xinliang Tian
Co-Founder & Senior Technical Director, Wei Fu
Senior R&D Engineer, Dr. Qiyu Qian

The Staff

The Hangzhi Precision R & D center has a high-level, international R & D team. The core staff of the technical team has more than decades of industry experience, and has extensive theoretical and practical experience. The R & D center team actively innovates, obtains funding for the development of a number of projects in Shenzhen, and supports industrialized applications. At the same time, it conducts technical talent exchanges and R & D with China Aerospace Institute, Shenzhen Metrology Institute, South China University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and other well-known domestic research institutions and universities.

The team of Hangzhi Precision R & D center focuses on the research and development of high-precision current sensors and electrical measuring instruments, which has won the third prize of the Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Team in China. It has accumulated unique experience and advantages in the design and manufacture of high-precision current sensors, got many patents.

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