Hangzhi Precision

Hangzhi Capabilities and Commitments

1. Focus on R&D

Master the core technology

Dr. Tian Xinliang, the founder of Hangzhi Precision, innovatively proposed the multi-point zero-flux technology system applied to the existing high-precision DC sensor technology in 2015, and proposed the excitation flux closed-loop control technology, self-excited fluxgate technology and multi-closed-loop control The combination of technology realizes the zero-flux closed-loop control of excitation flux, DC flux and AC flux, and realizes the detection of high-frequency ripple by building a high-frequency ripple induction channel, so that the sensor can operate in the full bandwidth The range has relatively high gain and measurement accuracy.

technical team

Hangzhi Precision R & D Center has a high-level, international R & D team. The core members of the technical team have more than ten years of industry experience and have rich theoretical and practical experience. The R&D center team is actively innovating, and has obtained a number of project development funds and industrial application support in Shenzhen. At the same time, it has carried out technical talent exchanges and research and development Shenzhen Institute of Metrology, South China University of Technology, and other domestic famous scientific research institutions and institutions cooperate. The team of Hangzhi Precision R&D Center focuses on the research and development of high-precision current sensors and electrical measuring instruments. This project won the third prize of the China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Team. It has accumulated unique experience and superiority in the field of design and manufacture of high-precision current sensors. Has a number of patents so far. Hangzhi Precision has professional customized design and product manufacturing capabilities, and can fully meet the various needs of customers in special dimensions, special environment applications and high precision.

systematic approach

The traditional design method mainly relies on the experience of the designers to develop and design, there is great uncertainty, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee. Aiming at the deficiencies in the traditional design, the key magnetic field factors in the multi-point zero-flux current sensor are researched and analyzed by using advanced simulation technology. The design parameters have greatly improved the design quality of the product.

Rigorous and standardized test platform

FLUKE® 5080A Versatile Multi-Product Calibrator

FLUKE® 52120A Super High Current Standard Source

FLUKE® A40B Series Precision Shunts

FLUKE® 8508A Eight and a Half Digit High Precision Standard Digital Multimeter

High and low temperature environment box

2. high quality standard

Hangzhi Precision introduced and absorbed the advanced management ideas of high-tech enterprises at home and abroad. In terms of production management, it introduced advanced management systems such as ERP, 5S, and lean production, and took the lead in creating a high-level supply chain in China. In terms of key materials and components, we worked together with suppliers to achieve a technological leap from “batch production” to “continuous production”.


Relying on Shenzhen’s strong industry supporting capabilities and refined division of labor, Hangzhi Precision can focus its superior resources on research and development. The professional processing capabilities of partners ensure the consistency of PCBA board performance. Hangzhi Precision always adheres to the concept of first-class quality, with the value of “solving pain points and creating value”, it highly requires open design, manufacturing and after-sales service to be done right at one time, providing customers with zero-defect products and first-class services.

High speed placement machine

Reflow oven

AOI Optical Inspection

Hangzhi Precision adopts international testing, assessment and certification technology, develops testing methods and testing equipment, and scientifically and thoroughly assesses the reliability, durability and environmental adaptability of equipment to meet the requirements of global customers for product quality. Realize the quality goal of “zero defect”.

Hangzhi Precision mobilizes and unifies the quality awareness and behavior of all employees, does not accept defects, does not design, manufacture or transmit defects. Perfect quality management organization and function construction, according to the mature experience of the sensor industry, improve the quality organization and function, introduce professional professional managers, and continuously improve the quality support ability.

Under the current large-scale production of Hangzhi’s precision and high-precision DC sensors, the reliability and quality of the company’s products are at the leading level in the industry. Manufactured with heart and service with heart, Hangzhi Precision strives to create a precision current measurement benchmark and create an era of popularization of high-precision DC sensors.