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leakage current transducer application - bullet train
Rolling Stock Traction System

Power electronics technology is indispensable in driving and controlling the energy of transportation systems. This technology has been used in high-speed locomotives, urban transportation systems (metro, tram, trolleybus…) and electric locomotives. The current sensor transmits the control signal and protection signal to the energy converter and inverter to control the motor and auxiliary systems such as air-conditioning, heating, lighting, electric doors, and ventilation equipment.
In the early days of Europe, the voltage monitoring network was also implemented using power electronics technology. In addition to on-board systems, current sensors can also be used to control and protect turnout substations.
With the continuous development of the railway industry, the railway network puts forward more requirements, and high-performance current sensors can be used to monitor the energy consumption of the vehicle-mounted system.
We are always committed to developing products for these applications.

The railway-locomotive industry requires unprecedented precision on the one hand to maintain the best traction motor control, but the most important thing is to measure energy for financial purposes to record energy use, such as recording the energy cost of trains across regions. This industry complies with the tentative standard prEN50463. Accurate energy metering relies on high-precision current and voltage measurement. Hangzhi Precision can provide a full set of current sensor products that meet the prEN50463 standard.

The AIT series high precision current transducers developed by Hangzhi have set a new standard for DC, AC and pulse current measurement for rail traction area, due to measurment accuracy can reach 0.5R class which is high above 1R class defined by the prEN50463 for rolling stock onboard energy metering requirements. AIT1000-SG, AIT2000-SG and AIT4000-SG are specifically developed for this applications.

AIT1000-SG high precision current sensor

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ait2000 high precision current transducer

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AIT4000-current sensor

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Industrial Grade Applications

IIT industrial grade current transducers with zero flux gate technology were also developed to meet the industrial application with 0.02% accuracy but much lower cost for larger deployment. 

They are the high performance replacements for traditional hall effect current transducer, as IIT current transducers have much higher accuracy, better performance in zero drift, temperature drift, response time and bandwidth terms. 

iit1000 high accuracy current sensor

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