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Hangzhi High current transducer

Hangzhi high-current sensor is a multi-point zero-flux technology system applied to the existing high-precision DC sensor technology. The excitation flux closed-loop control technology, self-excited fluxgate technology and multi-closed-loop control technology are combined to realize the excitation flux. , DC magnetic flux, AC magnetic flux zero-flux closed-loop control, and realize the detection of high-frequency ripple by building a high-frequency ripple induction channel, so that the sensor has relatively high gain and measurement accuracy in the full bandwidth range A current measurement and feedback component.

Application of Hangzhi high current transducers

UPS power test

The load of the UPS is mostly nonlinear, and the UPS itself absorbs energy from the grid, and the load of the grid is also nonlinear. Since the current waveform of the nonlinear load is severely distorted, the peak-to-peak ratio and total harmonic distortion of the waveform are important technical indicators that UPS must examine. For the measurement of nonlinear loads with severely distorted waveforms, it is difficult for ordinary electrical instruments to measure accurately. AIT high-current series high-precision current sensors equipped with high-precision power analyzers can accurately measure non-sine waves, and can continuously, quickly and accurately measure harmonics. analyze.
• The UPS power supply is three-phase input, three-phase output, and there is a DC in the middle. It needs to be tested with a power analyzer with 7 channels, three channels for testing input, three channels for testing output, one channel for testing DC, and AIT high current The series of high-precision current sensors can not only test DC, but also test AC with high precision, which is the most ideal choice for current testing.

Energy storage PCS test

• PCS, as a key part connecting the energy storage device and the power grid, is the energy transmission channel of the energy storage system, which is of great significance to the quality of the transmitted power. Its performance directly affects the quality of power. Therefore, it is very important to test the energy storage PCS .
• The high-precision test of the AC current on the AC grid-connected side of the PCS, and the DC current test on the DC side of the PCS battery charging and discharging, the AIT high-current series can meet the testing requirements.

Lithium battery external short circuit current

• The external short circuit test is to connect the lithium-ion battery to a fixed-value resistor, and the power of the lithium-ion battery is discharged through the resistor. According to the size of the fixed-value resistor, the short-circuit current can be controlled from hundreds to tens of thousands of amps. High current will accumulate a large amount of heat in a short period of time in the lithium-ion battery, which may cause thermal runaway of the lithium-ion battery. Whether the short-circuit test can be passed is mainly affected by the magnitude of the short-circuit current. The larger the short-circuit current, the faster the heat generation of the lithium-ion battery will be, and the heat diffusion rate of the battery will not change much. More heat is accumulated inside, and the temperature rises more, which may lead to serious problems such as shrinkage of the diaphragm, short circuit of positive and negative electrodes, and then lead to thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries.
• AIT high-current series high-precision current sensors have a test bandwidth of 200KHz, which can accurately record the entire process of instantaneous short-circuit current changes, and provide high-precision test data for battery research and development.

Centralized photovoltaic grid-connected inverter test

• Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is the key equipment in the photovoltaic power generation system, and its function and reliability verification is crucial to the stable operation of the photovoltaic power generation system and the quality of the power grid. There are many test items in the development and design stage of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters , The anti-islanding effect protection test, overload protection test, over-current protection test, power factor measurement test, work efficiency measurement test, and grid-connected current harmonic test of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters put forward higher requirements for current sensors. AIT high-current series high-precision current sensors and related test instruments can well meet the above test requirements.

High Current Transducer Product Catalog

Product modelPrimary rated DC currentPrimary rated AC RMSSupply voltageRatio (primary: secondary)Rated output currentAccuracyLinearityBandwidth (Hz)Aperture (mm)Datasheet
AIT1500-D50±1500A1060AAC220V1500:11000mA50ppm20ppm300k50High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT2000-D70±2000A1414AAC220V2000:11000mA50ppm20ppm80k70High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT2000-D90±2000A1414AAC220V2000:11000mA50ppm20ppm80k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT3000-D70±3000A2121AAC220V3000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k70High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT3000-D90±3000A2121AAC220V3000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT4000-D90±4000A2828AAC220V4000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT5000-D90±5000A3535AAC220V5000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT5000-D160±5000A3535AAC220V6000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k160High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT6000-D90±6000A4242AAC220V6000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT6000-D120±6000A4242AAC220V6000:11000mA50ppm20ppm50k120High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT8000-D120±8000A5600AAC220V4000:12000mA50ppm20ppm30k120High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT8000-D200±8000A5600AAC220V4000:12000mA50ppm20ppm30k200High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT10000-D90±10000A7072AAC220V5000:12000mA100ppm20ppm20k90High Current Transducer Catalog
AIT10000-D120±10000A7072AAC220V5000:12000mA100ppm20ppm20k120High Current Transducer Catalog

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