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Hangzhi BMS Series Battery Current Sensor For EV Battery Management System

The BMS series battery current sensor based on fluxgate technology is a high-performance current measurement device, which is suitable for the battery management system of electric vehicles. It can monitor the charging and discharging current of the battery pack in real time, and control and protect it by sending signals to the BMS. The sensor has the advantages of high precision, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, and good measurement stability. It is the best choice for BMS current measurement with increasingly high requirements.

hangzhi BMS automotive current sensor

Why our Client Chooses BMS Series battery Current Sensor?

Traditional shunt and Hall current sensors face many challenges in future BMS current measurement. As we all know, the configuration of high current has advantages for fast charging and fast discharging. As the industry’s demand for DC fast charging increases, the current range of the battery pack continues to increase. In the case of a large range, it is required to maintain high accuracy in the full range. The measurement accuracy and zero point error of these traditional sensors can no longer meet the requirements. In addition, customers’ requirements for active cooling and thermal control of battery energy distribution units (Battery energy Distribution Unit, BDU) are also increasing, and shunt resistors are prone to heat and aging. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a current sensor with high performance, high precision and strong anti-interference ability. 

Compared with traditional shunts and Hall current sensors, the BMS automotive current sensor with fluxgate technology has higher precision and lower zero point error, and can still maintain high precision and provide accurate measurement in a large range result.

In addition, another significant advantage of fluxgate technology is that it does not need to consider the problem of heat generation, which avoids the aging problem caused by the heat generation of shunt resistors.

The fluxgate sensor also has a strong ability to resist magnetic interference and external interference. This can greatly reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference on the performance of the car, prevent interruption or misalignment of the transmission signal, thereby further improving system accuracy and stability, and providing a safer, more reliable, and more efficient battery management system for new energy vehicles.

At the same time, it is easier to use. The Hangzhi BMS automotive current sensor has direct CAN signal output, which does not require additional calibration and calibration at the customer system level, helping customers save a lot of development costs and time, and avoiding the use of shunts that require additional temperature compensation and calibration. calibration.

Furthermore, it is naturally insulated from the high-voltage bus, which can ensure the safety of the system.

BMS automotive current sensor applied in EV
BMS to support the battery management system in the Electric Vehicle
HANGZHI IATF16949 certificate
Hangzhi is certified against IATF16949

New energy vehicle BMS automotive current sensors are generally installed in the current loop between the battery pack and the electric drive system. Specifically, a current sensor should be installed between the positive terminal of the battery pack and the controller of the electric drive system to measure the current flow between the battery pack and the electric drive system.

At the same time, Hangzhi company is also certified against the IATF16949 standard,  which is qualified Hangzhi to supply our high quality current sensors to automotive industry. 

bMS Automotive current sensor Product Catalog

Product modelPrimary rated AC RMSPrimary overload currentSupply voltageRated output AccuracyLinearityBandwidthAperture (mm)Datasheet
BMS300300A350A8~16VCAN-BUS Digital Signal0.5%0.1%100kHz24.2mmBMS Automotive Current Sensor Catalog
BMS500500A530A8~16VCAN-BUS Digital Signal0.5%0.1%100kHz24.2mmBMS Automotive Current Sensor Catalog
BMS15001500A1550A8~16VCAN-BUS Digital Signal0.5%0.1%100kHz24.2mmBMS Automotive Current Sensor Catalog

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