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What is fluxgate current sensor And its working principle?

Working principle of high precision fluxgate current sensor:

Under the action of positive and negative excitation current, the easy-to-saturation magnetic core is used to make the inductance of the magnetic core change with the magnitude of the excitation current, so that the magnetic flux of the magnetic core changes continuously.

The fluxgate current sensor uses the non-linear relationship between the magnetic induction intensity and the magnetic field intensity of the high magnetic permeability core in the measured magnetic field under the saturation excitation of the alternating magnetic field to measure the weak magnetic field. This physical phenomenon seems to be a “gate” to the measured ambient magnetic field. Through this “gate”, the corresponding magnetic flux is modulated and an induced electromotive force is generated. This phenomenon is used to measure the magnetic field generated by the current, so as to indirectly achieve the purpose of measuring the current.

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Basic Principles of Fluxgate Sensor Operation

In the magnetic circuit, in order to detect a magnetic field equal to zero magnetic flux, the secondary coil must be excited by the necessary current. In the environment of zero magnetic flux, the current of the sensor is strengthened through the secondary coil, which is confirmed to be proportional to the measured primary current. . Ip=Ns. The Is ferromagnetic core and the auxiliary coil form a saturated inductor. In the case of zero magnetic flux, the detection of the sensor’s magnetic circuit is based on the change in the inductance of the inductor.

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Hangzhi Precision is one of the best suppliers who manufacture top performance and cost effective fluxgate current sensor. Hangzhi zero fluxgate current transducers and current sensors have high accuracy, linearity & stability, and low temperature drift and zero drift. More details about the Multi point zero flux gate technology is available in the article written by Hangzhi specialists and published on IEEE website.

Few series of AC / DC current transducer products with different accuracy levels and output signal types are developed to meet various applications in different industries.

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Hangzhi AC / DC zero flux gate current transformers have been widely used in electrical equipment, medical equipment, battery testing equipment and calibration equipment etc. Especially, they are well recognized by national R&D institutes, national metrology institutes, and global medical and electrical manufacturers

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