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high precision current transducer for high current

High Precision Current transducer for High Current Measurement, 10ppm, 8000A, 10000A, 15000A has been released

high precision current transducer for high current

Today we will introduce a recent popular product of Hangzhi – 10000A high-precision high-current sensor

This 10000A high-precision high-current sensor has a high-end appearance design, the coil and the control box are separated, black and silver-gray are matched, advanced and textured, and a custom-made convenient cart is convenient and efficient to use.

1. Product Introduction

Hangzhi high current sensor adopts the principle of fluxgate technology, and realizes current detection through classical control theory instead of conventional chip induction. It is not sensitive to the external environment, and basically has no temperature drift and zero drift; its magnetic core does not require Opening cutting, which has small magnetic resistance, high magnetic flux stability, high sensor detection accuracy, high sensitivity and fast response speed.


In terms of technical indicators and performance, Hangzhi high-precision high-current sensors have become the top-end products on the market.


Hangzhi’s high-precision high-current sensor has a maximum accuracy of 10ppm, and can measure DC, AC, and pulse currents, which can fully meet users’ various high-accuracy electrical measurement needs. The product has a status indication function and has better safety; it has a large aperture of 120mm to 200mm for the cable to pass through. For the special needs of user-defined scenarios, Hangzhi can provide solutions that meet customers’ customized measurement scenarios.

high precision current transducer for high current

2. Product Specifications

❖ High precision: up to 10ppm

❖ Excellent linearity: 10ppm

❖ Bandwidth (-3dB): 20kHz

❖ Response speed: 10uS

❖ High stability: 0.1ppm/k (temperature) 0.2ppm/month (time)

❖ Large aperture: 120mm / 150mm / 200mm

❖ Operating temperature range: -40~+85 °C

❖ Power supply: 220V AC

❖ Rich models: 8000A/10000A/15000A optional

3. Product Applications

PV Inverter Testing System

Wind Turbine Testing System

Ion Accelerator

Metrology Standard Sensor

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