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0.01 % grade - high-precision DC tester

PIU High Precision DC Meter

Hangzhi 0.01% Grade high precision DC Tester The PIU high precision DC tester is developed on Hangzhi multi-point fluxgate current measurement technology. There are few

high current transducer AIT

High Current Transducer

Hangzhi High current transducer Hangzhi high-current sensor is a multi-point zero-flux technology system applied to the existing high-precision DC sensor technology. The excitation flux closed-loop

hangzhi CIT high precision AC DC split core current transducer

High Precision Split-Core Current Sensor

Hangzhi CIT High Precision Split Core current transducer The CIT high precision split core current transducer is developed by Hangzhi based on the fluxgate technology

Current sensors and current transducers

What are current sensors and current transducers? Generally speaking, “current sensors”, also called “current transducers”, are sensor used to measure the electric current flowing through

High Precision Voltage Transducer

Hangzhi High Accuracy Voltage Sensor The HCV high accuracy voltage sensor developed by HANGZHI is a voltage measurement and control component based on fluxgate technology.

Auto Grade Current Transducer

Hangzhi BMS Series Automotive Current Sensor The BMS series automotive current sensor based on fluxgate technology is a high-performance current measurement device, which is suitable

Digital Current Transducer

High Precision Digital Current Sensor DIT series high-precision digital current sensor products are a new generation of digital sensors developed and produced by Hangzhi. This

Hangzhi Electrical Testers

Hangzhi Electrical Testers Hangzhi HIU AC / DC Current Tester ➢ It can measure single-phase AC and DC voltage, current, frequency, phase and active power.➢

HIU AC DC Current Tester

HIU AC / DC High Precision Current Meter HIU series high-precision AC/DC high Precision Current meter, developed by Hangzhi with Multi point zero flux gate

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