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EV Charge stand calibration equipment
EV Charge Stand Calibration Equipment

Under the favorable promotion of various policies, the construction of electric vehicle charging stations (piles) will usher in the peak. However, the product quality, interface compatibility, and other safety issues of charging facilities have an impact on the charging of electric vehicles. Therefore, acceptance test of charging stations (pile) is very necessary.
Detection of electric vehicle chargers is an indispens-able part of the charging station (pile) acceptance test. The high-precision current transducer provides a measurement reference solution for the charging pile verification device, meets a number of standard
requirements, and satisfies various applications, such as the site acceptance of electric vehicle charging stations, charging pile product type test, charging station safety routine annual inspection, measure-
ment calibration test and so on.

As one of the key indicators of the charging pile verification device, the required DC current mea-surement accuracy is 0.05% RD which cannot be realized by the traditional current transducers.

It is particularly important to note that the following key parameters must be met when using current transducers:
· 1ppm non-linear error
· -40 – 85°C operating temperature range
· <0.1 ppm / K temperature drift
· Very high time stability
· Up to 500A peak current
· 3dB bandwidth above 400KHz

High Precision Power Supplies

The high-precision DC standard meter is used by electric power departments, measurement departments, quality inspection departments, scientific research units, and industrial enterprises. It can measure DC voltage, current, power, electric energy, and ripple; it can measure voltage, current, power, and ripple. The high-precision fluxgate current sensor provides a measurement benchmark for high-precision DC standard meters.

Main functions of high-precision DC standard meter:
· Can measure DC voltage, current, power, energy, ripple;
· Can measure voltage, current, power, ripple, etc.;
· Display voltage and current waveforms;
· Verification of electric energy error, electric energy shifting, day time error, etc.;
· It can measure the stability of voltage, current and power.

The accuracy of the high-precision DC standard meter is 0.01 grade, the maximum voltage range is 1000V, the maximum current range is 600A, and the corresponding voltage and current accuracy grade is 0.005. The accuracy above depends on the accuracy of the DCCT (direct current transducer).

high performance power supplies
High Precision Power Supplies

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The AIT series high precision current transducers developed by Hangzhi are ideal for current measurement device in the battery discharge testing equipment, and they are also high performance replacement for traditional current shunts and hall effect current transducers, due to the following advantages: of high accuracy (up to 1ppm), low zero drift, high linearity, low time drift, low temperature drift and fast response time etc. 

AIT1000-SG high precision current sensor

More information about AIT Series high precision current transducers

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