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Hangzhi 0.01% Grade high precision DC Tester

The PIU high precision DC tester is developed on Hangzhi multi-point fluxgate current measurement technology. There are few models in the PIU family, and the maximum current can be measured by PIU testers can be up to DC10,000A. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.01%, even 0.005%. The testers are widely used for calibration of battery charging and discharging testing system. 

  • Voltage measurement range: ± (0.1V -1000V),maximum allowable error: ± 0.005%;
  • Current measurement range: 10mA~10,000A, maximum allowable error: ± 0.005%

Application Overview

The battery charging and discharging testing system mainly consists of a microcomputer control unit, a charging unit (DC stable power supply), a discharging unit (DC electronic load), a charging/discharging switching unit, a measuring unit, etc.
The battery charging and discharging testing system is a device that regulates and protects battery charging and discharging by establishing charging and discharging parameters. The typical voltage range can be regulated throughout the
battery charging and discharging operation to prevent overcharging or discharging of the battery. The typical current range can be set. When the test reaches the specified value, it will immediately terminate. The battery charging and discharging testing system is primarily used to detect the battery’s current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, charging and discharging temperature, battery cycle life, etc. There are many channels to choose from and different battery models and types can be tested at the same time.

The parameters of the battery charging and discharging testing system that must be measured

  • Voltage range: 100mV~1000V, maximum allowable error: ± (0.02% -5%);
  • Voltage measurement range: 100mV~1000V, maximum allowable error: ± (0.02% -5%);
  • Setting range of charging and discharging current: 10mA~1500A, maximum allowable error: ± (0.05% -5%);
  • The charging and discharging current measurement range is 10mA~1500A, with maximum allowable error: ±(0.05% -5%).
PIU used for calibration of car battery charging and discharging

Product Catalog

Product modelCurrent Measurement RangeVoltage Measurement RangeSupply voltageAccuracyCatalog
PIU600DC±600ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog
PIU1000DC±1000ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog
PIU1500DC±1500ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog
PIU2000DC±2000ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog
PIU5000DC±5000ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog
PIU10000DC±10000ADC1000VAC85V~265V,50/60Hz0.01%PIU DC Testers Catalog

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