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Hangzhi is a high-tech company located in ShenZhen, China, innovatively developed and designed high precision current sensors & standard testers with the combination of technologies including multi point zero-flux, flux excitation close-loop control, self-excited fluxgate technology and multi-close loop control. The current transducers can detect both DC flux, AC flux, and high-frequency ripple with a built-in high-frequency ripple sensing channel, which allow the transducers have both high gains and accuracy at the full bandwidth.

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Precision Current Transducer Products


High Precision Current Transducer

Accuracy Up to 1ppm; Measurement up to DC18,000A; Analogical Output;

Industrial Grade Current Sensors

Accuracy Up to 0.02%; Measurement up to DC6000A; Analogical Output;

HIT hall effect current sensor replacement

Hall-Substituting Current Sensors

Accuracy Up to 0.05%; Measurement up to DC600A; Analogical Output;

hangzhi RIT leakage current transducer

Residual Current Transducers

Accuracy Up to 0.2%; From 0.01A to 5A;  Analogical Output;

High Precision Digital Current Transducers

Accuracy Up to 0.02%; Measurement up to DC1500A; Digital Output (RS485);

Our High Precision Testers

We are the only portable high precision current test manufacturer on the market

Calibration for battery discharging test equipment

HIU AC / DC testers are widely used by EV battery OEMs for calibration the battery discharge testing equipment in their factory as a critical quality control process. 

Electrical Laboratory / Calibration

PSM electrical standard testers are ideal for the high accuracy DC current measurement in the electrical laboratory and calibration purpose. 

Hangzhi High Precision Testers Can measurement DC current up to DC1500A with 0.02% accuracy

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Top Accuracy & Cost Effective

Application Industries

MRI Gradient Amplifier & Heavy Iron Accelerator power supplies

Track side equipment and traction power converters. 

Renewable system R & D, and testing. Current measurement for power converters.

Current measurement for onboard drive system, BMS, and charge stands. 

High accuracy current measurement for electrical instruments and power supplies.

Calibration meters with lower accuracy like multi-meter, power meter etc.

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